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Total Event Success in 3 Courses

Your Waiter - Course #1

If your event includes a meal, Rick starts out posing as a waiter and gets more eccentric and odd as the meal progresses. The Result : Your guests CONNECT in shared wonder and amusement.

If your event has no meal, Rick simply begins with his physical comedy show.

Funny Waiter Full Description

Your Entertainer - Course #2

Rick can perform his interactive physical comedy show as a stand-alone headline act, or if he's already appeared as a waiter he makes the transition to his show by pretending to apologize for his inept service.

Rick gets everyone involved with the most universal style of humor on the planet - physical comedy.

Stage Comedian Full Description


Your Speaker - Course #3

Rick uses his established rapport with the audience as an entertainer to enhance your meeting objectives as a speaker, either as a wrap-up at the end of the performance or as a separate key-note in a later session.

Rick uses stories from his 30 years of experience as a world-class entertainer, author and business owner to motivate and inspire audiences to peak performance, sales success, leadership, safety, teamwork and professional growth.

Motivational Speaking Topics



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