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The World's Funniest Waiter Description

Get Ready to Hide Your Laughter . . .

...if you are the one who has booked corporate entertainer Rick Lewis for your special event client, corporate conference or company party. If you absolutely can't stop yourself from breaking out in giggles and guffaws while your co-workers and even your boss are falling hook, line and sinker for the World's Funniest Waiter act, then you might have to leave the room to pull yourself together so you don't give away the surprise that your guests will never forget.

Rick Lewis begins the evening just like any other waiter, dressed identical to the rest of the serving staff and doing his best to be respectful and attentive. Yet before long his eccentricites and oddities start showing and it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary waiter.

He's first seen filling water glass from a several feet off the table, right up to the brim and beyond. Soon after he has silverware sliding off his tray and onto the floor with a clang and he's crawling under the guests' tables to pick it up. And that's just the beginning as the World's Funniest Waiter proceeds to ignore just about every guideline and rule for proper service - but not to worry - all of Rick Lewis's crazy waiter act is perceived mismanagement of service. He won't touch or ruin food, break things or spill drinks on anybody. It's all very respectful actually, just downright eccentric.

See Video of the World's Funniest Waiter

Rick Lewis, who is really an entertainer, is actually a highly accomplished actor, comedian and circus performer who plays the part of the inept server beautifully and convincingly. Most of your guests will think Rick is a true waiter having the worst day ever. Unbeknownst to them he's about to make a remarkable transformation from the Clark Kent of Catering to...

A Corporate Comedy Superhero

Event Success in 3 Courses

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