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Event Success in 3 Courses

The World's Funniest Interactive Comedy Show

Improvisational Circus Theater

As a segue from the funny waiter routine to your headline comedy show, the "waiter", Rick Lewis, is asked either by the catering manager of the venue or by an organizer from your own organization to come forward and to apologize for the poor service. By this time the guests are feeling so sorry for the shy server that they almost come to his rescue, but once he shuffles out on stage looking terribly nervous, they're in for a big surprise when the music starts playing, the serving jacket comes off and the entertainer launches into full stride.

Mr. Bean, Candid Camera, Jim Carey and Cirque Du Soliel

Imagine Mr. Bean, Candid Camera, Jim Carey and Cirque Du Soliel all rolled into one hilarious act of interactive circus theater. With a highly polished timing and skill, Rick Lewis rivets the attention of your audience with juggling routines, balancing stunts, remarkable gymnastics, and finally the mounting of a 10 foot high unicycle!

Better yet, your guests are included in every aspect of the show and will howl with laughter and delight as they are drawn into the play and share the limelight with the headline comedian.

View Rick's Stage Comedy Video

The World’s Funniest Waiter gives you two great presentations for the price of one. First, the waiter antics thread through the length of your meal, whether you are serving two courses or seven. Second, the hilarious physical comedy and circus routines of performer Rick Lewis will last 45 minutes, but will feel like 5 minutes to your audience who will be entirely captivated by a stunning display of skills and comedy. Your entire evening will be filled with fun.

A World-Class Corporate Variety Show

Rick has impressed a long list of Fortune 500 customers. He’s performed for audiences that have included such esteemed viewers as Bill Gates and the Prime Minister of Canada. He has been seen on “America’s Funniest People” as well as in moves and theater productions, including a Broadway tour with the production of “Barnum”. Thirty years of experience and over 3,000 performances have made Rick Lewis, The World’s Funniest Waiter, a celebrated variety entertainer, chosen over and over by event planners and entertainment companies nationwide.

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Make Your Conference Objectives Unforgettable

For events that may wish more than just great entertainment, Rick can customize a message or keynote address that will use the power of humor and laughter to highlight your most important information in an educational and inspirational format.

Speaking Topics Rick Can Address

Event Success in 3 Courses

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