Tips for Meeting Success "On a Silver Platter."

If you want a flood of compliments to follow your next event, consider building an A.R.C. An ARC is the vehicle you'll use to reach your audience. To build your A.R.C. you'll need to elicit three things from your audience.

"A" is for Their Attention

You've got to get their attention with elements that are fresh, original or captivating - an audience needs to get the message that this event isn't just another meeting - an element of surprise puts magic in the air. Great humor and laughter can gain the attention of a crowd in an instant.

"R" is for Their Respect

Whatever your meeting objective, a crowd won't be available to your message, cause or campaign if you don't first earn their respect. The right presenter can be just the leverage you need to impress them, whether it's an industry expert or someone with undeniable talent or skill in a particular field.

"C" is for Their Committment

Nothing happens without a new way of thinking being championed and a new way of acting being empowered. Look for a presenter who can deeply connect with your audience first and then skillfully lead them to participate in their lives in a new way.

Rick Lewis has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for the last 30 years. The success of The World's Funniest Waiter over the years is based on this simple meeting success formula.

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Woody Allen

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