Happy New Year & Welcome!

Welcome to the first issue of "On a Silver Platter," designed to help you completely win your crowd at your next event.

My Commitment to You for 2008

We all need laughter more than ever and each release of this newsletter will be dedicated to the power of humor that is inclusive, interactive and completing engaging.

My commitment for 2008 is to bring your audience classy, clean and hilarious comedy.

So start the year with a laugh and watch this short video containing hidden camera footage of guests from some of last year's events.

Rick Lewis has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for the last 30 years. The success of The World's Funniest Waiter over the years is based on the power of classy, clean and hilarious comedy.

Total Event Success in 3 Courses

New Website Launched !

funniestwaiter.com has been completely re-designed so you can get the information you need to book Rick Lewis fast, or check his availability for your event.

Agent Friendly Site

Agents, planners and speaker bureaus as always have access to a great closing tool for clients of their own, Rick's agent-friendly web site worldsfunniestwaiter.com - no contact information of course, just a mirror site of the redesigned funniestwaiter.com.

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City Special

I'm happy to share with you the names of exceptional suppliers I've known or worked with over the last 20 years in the event industry. This issue's featured city is:

Vancouver, BC, Canada


"There is no such thing as an attention span. People have infinite attention if you are entertaining them."

Jerry Seinfeld

Quick Fixes

I was once performing in a tent on the beach at a Marriott Hotel in Florida. I was in the middle of my finale, precariously balancing on top of my 12 foot high unicycle on top of a stage that was 4 feet off the ground. Suddenly there was a power failure and we lost all the lights in the tent. Fortunately every table had one little tea candle on it. Hovering 15' in the air in the dark I asked everyone to bring their candle up to the stage. 450 people encricled the stage apron and we finished the rest of the show by candlelight.