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We simply want great entertainment for our guests and our event has a meal.

Rick can be hired to perform his World's Funniest Waiter routine during the meal of your event which will segue seamlessly into his headline stage show. This option is designed for clients who just want great entertainment for their event which will completely engage their audience with unique, clean, interactive humor.

Standard suggested timing for Rick's comedy show is after the main course has been cleared, prior to dessert and coffee service. Rick can conclude his presentation and dessert and coffee can be served immediately, allowing for guests to linger and recount their tales and experience of the funny waiter before they knew it was a hoax.
See Funny Waiter Routine and Headline Act Video and Details

We want to deliver a message in an entertaining way and our event has a meal.

This option is the same as above, however, Rick can be contracted additionally as a keynote speaker, using the audience experience with the waiter act and the show to demonstrate and reinforce meeting objectives or other messages needing to be delivered to the group. Rick can design a presentation customized to sales, peak performance, customer appreciation, leadership, safety or other topics.
See Motivational Speaking Topic Details

We just want great entertainment for our guests and our event has no meal.

This option is designed for events which have no meal and therefore do not require the World's Funniest Waiter lead-in. Rick is simply introduced as the entertainment act and performs his interactive juggling, balancing, and circus comedy show with his trademark 12 foot unicycle routine finale.
See Headline Show Details

We require entertainment that includes a message or reinforces our meeting objectives and our event has no meal.

This option will suit any event without a meal where an element of surprise is still desired as a lead-in to the main entertainment. Rick poses as an industry expert who takes to the podium and begins speaking, yet soon it becomes clear to the audience that what he is saying is pure gibberish. As they get the joke Rick breaks into his full version comedy show.
See Video of The World's Funniest Expert

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