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Rick Lewis Entertainer Details for Catering Directors, Banquet Managers and Venue Organizers

Entertainment We Have Hired for Our Event

We have hired entertainer and comedian Rick Lewis to perform his World's Funniest Waiter routine for our event being held at your facility. Rick's act is presented in two parts, the first of which involves posing as one of your servers during the meal portion of the function and performing a comedy act as a clumsy waiter. The second part of his comedy routine is an actual show where it is revealed that Rick is not actually part of the service team, but an entertainer who delivers a juggling, acrobatic, and interactive circus style performance.

Our Request for Your Support

In order for Rick's presentation to unfold most effectively we are asking for your support with the following details.

Provision of Matching Attire

Rick Lewis will arrive with his own black pants, white shirts, black bow tie and black shoes. Would you please provide him with whatever else he may need for the evening to match your service staff, whether it is a staff vest, jacket, special tie and also please lend him a name badge if you use them, it doesn't matter what name it has, (although preferably male).

Provision of Table

Rick requires a dressed and skirted table for the pre-set of the props he will use during his comedy routine. Please have this pre-set in the banquet room along with two extra table cloths on top of this table which he can use to cover these props once they are pre-set to keep them from being visible to guests prior to the show.

Room Spacing Requirements

Rick requires enough space in front of the stage area to perform the finale of his show, which involves the riding of a tall unicycle. Please refer to his production requirements page to see these details.

Additional Information

Please touch base with Rick as soon as you are able to provide him with a few additional specifications for the function, including the ceiling height of the function room, the name and contact information of the AV coordinator if you are providing this for us and the name of the banquet captain when it becomes available. Rick will arrange to meet with the captain and other servers at the pre-meal briefing to explain his presence and avoid confusion during the event.

Rick Lewis Contact Information

Rick Lewis can be reached in his office at 928-445-1302, or on his cell phone at 928-830-0005. He also regularly checks his email. ricklewis@cableone.net Thank you for your help with our selected entertainment.

Rick Lewis Resources Page >



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