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What are Rick's Technical Requirements?

Client provides:

Spacing and Room Dimensions for Overall Performance

Ceiling Height Minimums in Ballroom or Performance Venue
  • Minimum 8' 6" clear headroom required for 6ft. unicycle finale.
  • Minimum 11' 6" clear headroom required for 9ft. unicycle finale.
  • Minimum 14' 6" clear headroom required for 12ft. unicycle finale.
Stage Riser Height in Presentation Hall
  • A stage riser approximately 8' X 12' and not more than 18' high.
  • If riser comes in sections these should be interlocking.
Floor Space in Meeting Room for Unicycle Routine

A sufficient area in front of riser for Rick's finale unicycle routine:

  • 8' X 10' for 6ft. unicycle finale.
  • 10' X 14' for 9ft. unicycle finale.
  • 18' X 20' for 12ft. unicycle finale.
Sound Production for Stage Show and Speaking Session
  • Wireless lavaliere, lapel microphone (UHF if possible)
  • Separate speakers (Not hotel house sound)
  • A mini-plug drop to on stage prop table for Rick's mini-disc player
  • Sound Technician on site during performance
Lighting Production for Stage Show and Speaker Presentation
  • Floor to ceiling general lighting wash or specials to allow Rick to be seen when on his twelve foot unicycle. (This puts his head at approximately 15 ft. high.)
  • Any specials should be hung to the left and right of the performance area, rather than directly in front.
  • House lights should be brought to ¾ full during performance and speaking presentation.

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