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Why Hire Rick Lewis >

Win Your Crowd in 7 Ways



Everyone Will Laugh

The World's Funniest Waiter uses the most appreciated form of humor on the planet - physical comedy. That means everyone laughs, because it's visual and transcends the boundaries of culture, race, social class and age. That's humor that works for everyone.

Everyone Will Understand

Physical comedy is universally understood, not just universally funny. That means everyone understands, because communication is accomplished through direct experience, facial expression and body language.


Everyone Will Participate

The World's Funniest Waiter 3-course format keeps your guests curious, captivated and involved in all the gaps where most events risk losing the attention of their audience.


Your Purpose Will Be Highlighted

Rick uses his speaking skills to anchor your core message in the minds and hearts of your guests by bridging their immediate experience to your values and purpose.


You'll Have Time for Your Guests

Rick can lengthen, shorten, advance or delay routines on the spot, optimizing the flow of your event. Rick interfaces with production staff knowledgably and seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the direct needs of your guests instead of on the infinite details of production.


You’ll Maximize Your Return on Investment

3 presentations for the price of 1 means your audience gets more value for your budget.


You’ll Exceed Everyone's Expectations

The World's Funniest Waiter will surprise, delight, engage and thoroughly satisfy your audience -- guaranteed!



Why Hire Rick Lewis >



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