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Rick Lewis - Why Hire The World's Funniest Waiter?

7 Super Reasons to Book Him for Your Event

1.) He’s Super Unique

Rick Lewis appears as two characters in a one-of-a-kind comedy performance. At first he emerges as a shy and bumbling waiter, apparently doing his best, yet all attempts to please his guests backfire. Mishaps and oddities leave folks bewildered and deliberating about the outrageously inept server who has overfilled the water glasses, dropped the silverware, distributed sugar packets with the entrée, gotten tangled up in a purse strap and fallen over.

Rick Lewis is a classically trained actor and circus performer who brings utter conviction to his role as the Clark Kent of catering. Your guests will be convinced that this waiter needs far more training at the least, or perhaps a padded room for his own protection. Little do they know he’s about to transform before their eyes, from his waiter nerd disguise into a corporate comedy super hero.

2.) He’s Super Funny

Not until he is fired for his incompetence and asked to apologize to the guests does the plot twist and the "waiter" seize the moment of having an audience. Imagine Mr. Bean, Jim Carey and Cirque Du Soliel all rolled into one hilarious act of incredible and completely unforgettable circus theater. Juggling, balancing tricks, acrobatics, wire-walking, and finally the riding of a unicycle 12 feet high are masterfully woven with impeccable comedic timing into an audience-interactive variety show that will take everyone’s breath away, with amazement and laughter.

3.) He’s Super Experienced

Rick Lewis has been performing professionally and honing his skills as a comedian for over 30 years. The delivery of over 3,000 performances to more than one-million audience members has made him one of North America's finest corporate entertainers. See Rick's Client List.

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Why Hire Rick Lewis >

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