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Questions Frequently Asked About Rick Lewis's
Performance and Speaking Presentations


How Should Rick Be Introduced at Our Event?

If Rick is performing his funny waiter routine in conjunction with your event, there is no need to introduce him. If Rick is only performing his Headline Comedy Act at your event the following introduction may be used in its entirety or modified as required.

"He's a juggler, an acrobat, and one of the funniest most versatile physical comedians working today. He has performed for a staggering range of dignitaries all the way from Bill Gates to the Prime Minister of Canada. His comedy has had them gasping for air at conventions and festivals around the world and tonight he brings us his unique brand of humor. Ladies and gentleman, won't you please welcome Rick Lewis."

How Do I Prepare the Catering Staff at the Venue for Rick's Routine?

Once Rick's staff is given the contact name for the catering company or in-house catering division, they will handle all communications necessary to brief the management on the routine and coordinate details with the on-site staff.

At the event itself Rick tailors the routine to the guests' needs, balancing his interactive entertainment with ample space for enjoyment of the dining experience.

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