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Why Hire Rick Lewis >

Rick Lewis Shares Free Contact Information

I provide my customers with direct contact information for other great entertainers they can hire for their next event - free of charge, no commissions, no referral fees, and no strings attached.

Corporate Entertainers Who are Worth Your Money

While my intention and guarantee is total event success for my customers, if I do my job correctly I'm going to create a very big problem for them at the same. That problem is what to do next year for entertainment. Finding the right entertainer for a special event, conference or corporate meeting can be time consuming and a little nerve-wracking. Part of the difficulty in sorting out who is worth your entertainment dollar is getting objective information, and that's not always easy to do when those providing the entertainment options are invested in your making a booking.

Recommendations for Corporate Entertainment

A service I provide to all my clients free of charge is to be available for a follow-up call after the completion of our event to discuss planning for the same function next year, or next month, depending on the nature of the corporate event. The purpose of this meeting is to help my clients get connected to the next great entertainment act that can help them achieve the kind of meeting success their audience is now going to expect in future.

5 Years of Entertainment Programming

Over the last 30 years I've seen and met a lot of entertainers, and a handful of great variety entertainers, bands, magicians, hypnotists, jugglers, and comedians. It's my pleasure to ask a few questions about my client's next event and make some recommendations of exceptional entertainment acts that I think might fit the bill. I'm willing to give my client enough suggestions that they'll be able to program entertainers for the next five years of an annual conference or corporate event.

Why Hire Rick Lewis >


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