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Videotaping The World's Funniest Waiter

Contract Addition for Clients Who Wish to Film

The Client or it's assigned suppliers for an event may film any portion of Rick Lewis's presentation under the following conditions:

1.) Direct contact information for the film person or crew is provided at least one week prior to the function allowing for Rick to establish best filming practices prior to the function.

2.) The client agrees to provide a Mini-DV first generation dub of all raw footage obtained of Rick Lewis's routine at the function within 14 days of the performance date. The client agrees that Rick Lewis may make use of any portion of film footage in which he appears for his own promotional purposes.

3.) The client understands that any distribution or screening of any footage which includes portions of Rick Lewis's performance is subject to permission being granted by Rick Lewis. Final edits of promotional materials to be used for company purposes should be made available for Rick Lewis's approval prior to distribution or screening. Permission for use shall not be withheld unless the client is clearly using this footage to generate direct revenues or unless over-extensive use is being made of the footage.

General Filming Information for Production Teams

  • Rick Lewis's performance as an entertainer is extremely interactive with the audience and physically oriented. Be prepared to cover all stage territory as well as all audience regions with good camera angles.
  • The show is silent with a musical background track. The communication of the comedic elements of the show are dependent upon being able to capture facial expressions of both Rick and his volunteers as well as the broad comedic slapstick of the larger routines.
  • Best results will be obtained by accommodating for camera isos that will cover both a wide shot and a close-up.
  • The finale of Rick's show is the riding of a unicycle that is 10' to 12' high, depending upon the meeting venue. Make sure the room is properly lit to capture footage shot at that level.
  • If close-ups are desired a hand cam may be stationed near or on the stage and the camera person may obtain permission to be present at the foot of the performance stage or onstage in some cases to film.
  • The event will begin in most cases with Rick performing his funny waiter routine. This may be filmed with a zoom lens and the audio captured from a concealed lavalier microphone if set-up with Rick prior to the meal. This portion of the show, however, should not be broadcast to large screen projection in the room.

Rick Lewis Resources Page >

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