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Customizing The World's Funniest Waiter
to Your Event

The World's Funniest Waiter features three distinct courses, the table-to-table improvisational comedy of the waiter, the physical comedy stage show which begins with the waiter's apology, and finally the speaking segment.

Any of these "courses" or elements can be programmed separately or modified to suit the time frame or agenda of your event.

Funny Waiter Table-to-Table Customization

Can be adjusted to any length. Rick can also perform this segment during a cocktail reception and also if a meal is buffet style, though it is ideal for a plated meal.

Physical Comedy Stage Show Customization

The stage show can take place in any setting since Rick adjusts to the allowances of the venue. Maximum ceiling clearances and room space will allow for the 12 ft. unicycle finale while smaller spaces will still allow for a shorter unicycle. Rick's unicycle is modular and can become a 6 ft., 9 ft., or 12 ft. unicycle in a matter of minutes. Rick has performed his show everywhere, from small restaurants and cruise ship decks to the largest convention halls and stadiums.

Motivational Speaking Customization

In addition to Rick's performing capacity he is available to customize a speaking presentation that uses your guests' direct experience with The World's Funniest Waiter as a springboard to motivate peak performance and inspire positive change.

This element can take the form of a several minute address that is woven into the end of the main stage show, or it can be presented separated as a session keynote later in the day or the next day of your conference.

Drawing upon a vast degree of life experience and countless stories as a performer, athlete, business owner and speaker, Rick uses his deeply established rapport with the audience to communicate your core values or message. This can be a brief, but effective, reference to your organization's purpose, or a more extended presentation with an educational focus.

Speaking Topics Rick Addresses
Peak Performance

Why Hire Rick Lewis >

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