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How to Hire an Entertainer for Your Event - Article #1

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Leadership and Humor - Article #2

Humor is often the shortest distance between two people.

Seldom do we consider a sense of humor as an important aspect of leadership and leadership development. The fact is, however, we respect and naturally fall in line behind those who use humor skillfully. We've all known at least a few class clowns or passive-aggressives who have used humor to avoid issues, their own or that of an organization to the detriment of all. A true leader, however, is constantly aware that prior to being able to direct others effectively, one has to connect with others effectively. Humor is often the shortest distance between two people.

Humor used appropriately has the power to:
  • Create a sense of connection between others.
  • Put challenges into perspective.
  • Combat tension and stress.
Leaders Must Demonstrate a Reliable Sense of Humor

Ultimately a successful business or organizational leader has got to be capable of leading their team into situations that are challenging, stressful and often wholly unknown in order to expand corporate interests. Challenge and stress is negotiable in small doses, but a sustained environment of tension, stress and seriousness cannot hope to produce an on-going result. Demonstrating a reliable sense of humor to those we are leading communicates confidence, authority and perspective. It models a reminder that it is the process which always needs to be enjoyed, not just the sought after results.

Rick Lewis Resources Page >

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